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Monday, March 1, 2010

Got news on my sister

The doctor looked at all the blood work, the MRI results and the CAT scan and has decided to order a very specific set of x-rays. The doctor no longer feels this is Parkinsons or MS, but instead thinks this is most likely a slipped disc/pinched nerve very close to the base of her skull causing all these problems. When she sleeps in a wierd angle her nerve gets pinched thus causing the back spasms, the pain, the numbness in her body etc. She had the x-rays this afternoon and will meet with the doctor again at the end of the week to discuss the results and if there is any repair!

The best part of all this, even better than it not being Parkinsons or MS, is the fact that this doctor is giving her answers and is not telling her this is all in her head or that she just needs to go see a psychiatrist!

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