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Monday, March 15, 2010

Laptop no. 2

So the other day hubby was playing with his laptop that I told you about and one of the keys popped right up and almost fell off! He had the thing just over a week and already it's got a broken key....a good excuse to return it and get his money back. So he goes off to staples to return the $500 broken laptop and ends up with a brand new Asus laptop that cost twice as much money!! So here I sit in the living room typing on this laptop that costs more than my desktop, is all bling-bling and let me tell ya....I'm rather impressed! It's made for gamers, the keyboard is a lot nicer to work with, and the best part is I haven't run into the opening of more tabs without me realizing it and the screen is a lot bigger so it'seasier for me to read :) I could actually see me playing with this on occassions like this where I am home and hubby is at work and the boy is at school.


In other news, the rain has not let up in days and I have a swimming pool in my basement now. It sucks having to use the shopvac every 1/2 hour to keep it at bay! Yesterday morning we woke up and the water was halfway across the basement and the cat litter boxes were in water!!!! YUCK!! Hubby and I spent the better part of the morning sucking water out of the basement and then going down through the day to keep it cleaned up. Today hubby is at work so it's just me, I went bowling this morning and in the 2 hours I was gone the water went halfway across the basement yet again. I got it all cleaned up, but I am sure by the time I finish typing this out I will have to go clean up more water. I am not enjoying it in the least and hope the weatherman is right when he says this should be the last of the rain and come tomorrow we'll be seeing signs of sunshine and blue skies. I don't look forward to yardwork, but it's better than sucking water out of the basement anyday!

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~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

Laptops rock lol I love mine i have no clue how I managed without it before lol!!!!