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Friday, March 26, 2010

It must be allergies

because today I woke up clear headed and feeling's snaining (snow rain mixed) outside and there isn't a bird in sight! I even drove the wild child to school and the dog to the kennel and not a single sniffle, not a single eye itch, nothing! So yeah I have come to the conclussion that that miserable feeling the past week has been fully due to the warmer weather bringing back those little pests and their nasty dander!


In other news, I forgot to mention that Orion feels really good about that essay MCAS test that he had on Tuesday. He came home from school with an actual smile on his face and said it was one of his best school days EVER! What happened was he got a prompt that they had actually used for a practice at school so he already knew what he could write about, what he had done previously and what he had left out previously as well! He said he did his 5 paragraphs, made sure to restate his prompt (which was to write about a day off of school) in both the beginning and final paragraphs and he felt pretty good about his figurative language. He's not sure if he used it 3 times like he was supposed to, but he knows he got it in there at least twice! He's not sure how many adjectives and adverbs he got in there at all, but he's sure he got a couple into the story. The best part of the day...he finished by noon as did all the kids in his group so the teacher let them play games for the rest of the day until it was time to go home at 3pm! Three solid hours of playtime because they are allowed all day to complete the essay and there was nothing else for them to do. Instead of making them read for 3 hours, the teacher opted to allow them to play games like UNO and hide n seek. Now we have to wait until fall for the results to come in the mail...that's the hard part. We won't know his score until somewhere in September or October. Next week he'll have the rest of his English MCAS test (it's a big test and it takes all week to do) and then in May he'll take the math portion of the test, which again will be an all week event. He and I aren't worried in the least about those parts, he's already tackled the hardest part so the rest should be "easy, peezy, pie"...that's what his kidergarten teacher used to say hehe

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