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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another snowboarding season has passed

and I am not afraid to say I will miss it! Finally, after 10 years of waiting, I can say that we are a snowboarding family and we will all be anxiously waiting for opening day 2010 when we can take our boards and once again ride down the mountain!

Yesterday was our last day on the trails, there weren't many left to ride on and even those had a lot of bare patches and icey patches and thin cover to say the least. We saw the begining of mud season in the parking lot and on the access road, the warm sun glistening off damp earth. It was a day to remember though, a day where I watched my husband and son ride top to bottom together with me, a snowboarding family riding with smiles and laughter flowing from us. It was a day to remember as I watched my son connecting turns down pretty steep terrain and not riding on a single green trail since there weren't any to ride on. He has fully transitioned to an intermediate rider, he can handle the terrain, he can handle riding on steep stuff and flat stuff, he can ride around bare patches and over icey patches without crashing. He did wonderfully and at the bottom he tagged up every single run. We rode the chair together, we rode the trails together, we had a great day together as one happy snowboarding family!

There's a song by RUSH called "Time Stand Still" that says everything I felt yesterday...I was really wishing I could just pause time and hold onto the moment just a litle bit longer.

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