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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good morning

Last weekend while we were off snowboarding, hubby bought a new laptop and I have finally snagged it and am now relaxing on my couch listening to the news and typing this out at the same time! Of course the kiddo gets up and immediately is offended because I get to play with the laptop and he doesn't lol

See hubby has been home the past couple of days and he was testing out his ability to play his online game Everquest on this thing. No one has been allowed to play on it since he bought it solely for that purpose and if it wouldn't play his game well he was going to return it. I personally was hoping it would play the game so that I could play on it while he's at work hehe He's finally back to work so I get to play a little too.

I will admit that the keyboard is a lot smaller than I like and the mouse thingy in the middle of the keyboard is way too sensitive for my personal liking. It got touched by my sleeve and suddenly I have a box popped up for something, say nothing about how it somehow manages to get me set to italics without me realizing it. I guess it takes some getting used to. My guess is that I will use this more for checking e-mail and use my real computer more for posting since this thing keeps ticking me off and it's way too early in the morning for such stuff!! For instance while I'm sitting here typing suddenly I realize I have a new tab open and I'm typing into the search window and not my blog.....guess that's what I get for looking away while typing but still annoying none the less lol

Anyway, just wanted to check this new toy out and I think my initial opinion is I should save it for after my coffee.
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