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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daylight savings...not good for me!

I totally can not stand changing the clocks ahead an hour every spring. It's not so much that I miss out on that extra hours sleep, it's more along the lines that time goes by faster and I feel like I'm running behind (something that I TOTALLY hate!) I am one of those people who is always so worried about being late that I tend to be early for everything. I hate the feeling of rushing and when we change the clocks ahead that's exactly how I feel. By the end of the day Orion is in bed late, I'm rushing to work and I feel like crap because of it!

What I truly wish is that they would stop making us change the clocks, leave time alone and just live it it being dark a little earlier at night and being light a little earlier in the morning! Seriously, it's not nice to mess with people like me who have a hard enough time with life in general!

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