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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

504 review today

So today I had Orions 504 review. If you don't know what a 504 is, it's kind of like an Individual Education Plan (IEP) basically it's the special accommodations that he needs because of his "disability"...Orions "disability" is his ADHD. So every year, by law, his plan has to be reviewed to be sure that he still needs his special accommodations and make any changes that are needed. Hopefully when he's older he won't need a 504 but for now, this is what we need to do to ensure he succeeds at school. This is all mainly because he needs a different setting and different rules when it comes to the standardized MCAS tests.

During the MCAS testing, the regular classroom teacher is not allowed to interact with the children at all. The teacher can not redirect the child to be sure they stay on task and the kids do not get breaks to stretch or get a drink of water or anything like that. Orion really needs those breaks so that he can stretch and relax a little and he needs someone who can redirect him and get him back on task when he starts to daydream...thus the need for his 504. When it comes to testing time Orion will be moved to a classroom with a smaller group of 4 or 5 students in it. The teacher will be able to interact with him to the extent that they can talk to him and get him back on task. They will not answer any questions regarding the test itself, but they can at least keep him on task and make sure he completes the work.

I left the meeting feeling pretty good. The teacher is seeing major improvement in Orion and seeing him complete his tasks on time without too much prompting. In the morning he needs a kick in the butt to get him going but other than that he is actually working independantly and making strides towards success! Raising his meds up 5 mg and giving it to him an extra 1/2 hour early has made a huge difference in his school work and his attitude! Although we still struggle with the anger at home, he is not angry at school and not having outbursts or actively showing aggression! He is keeping his frustration inside and not exploding at the other children! THAT is a major change from last year and I was so pleased to hear it. The school social worker is going to continue to welcome him into social group so he can build more friendships and learn how to work with other children better.
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