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Monday, March 22, 2010

Only time will tell

Tonight I tucked a very nervous little boy into his bed and read Harry Potter to him until he fell asleep. He's nervous and anxious because tomorrow is his big day, the day he has been working towards, practicing for, the day that shows how much he has learned from his mom. Tomorrow he will go to school and have all day to write a 5 paragraph essay on whatever topic they give him to write about. He will not know the topic until he opens the test booklet and he would only say that he hopes it's a good topic, something he can relate to, something he can really write about.

Tomorrow he will have to write without mom, without anyone prompting him but himself. Tomorrow he will have to ask himself the questions I have asked him and write down his answers. Tomorrow he will have to find a way to come up with an awesome piece of work all by himself and he is nervous, anxious, scared even because tomorrow will answer the big question of how much he has learned.

See my hubby thinks I have done too much prompting, that I have helped him write his papers too much, that I have only hindered in him learning how to write. Hubby thinks that my style of teaching isn't actually teaching him how to write, but is teaching him how to copy what mom wrote. I feel he is learning, that he is doing better and that he can pull this off on his own. I feel I have tought him how to write better.....only time will tell who is right and I really hope it's me that wins :)

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SMJ said...

HEY THERE! I feel like I'm returning to a long lost friend, I can't believe you have 20 posts since my last real visit. I have been WAY out of the loop. The truth is not just that I have been moving and unpacking and exhausted - but that my boss found and read my blog. Yeah. She got her feelings hurt - luckily I found out fast enough that I could delete some older posts before she could get mad too. So it killed my writing mojo. What if I want to talk about something thats none of her business? And going private sucks. So does switching gears and starting a new blog...but I am considering it. I promised not to mention work on my blog and mostly thats ok, but sometimes I need to. Argh. Anyways, I missed reading your stuff and sorry for making this about me! LOL I loved Orions story and can't wait to hear how he did!!!!!!!!