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Monday, March 15, 2010

Still sick and tired of the rain

I seriously wish it would just stop already! We have had nearly a foot of rain in the last couple of days and it's still coming down out there! Why can't this be snow so we could at least enjoy it? The basement is a mess and I am so glad I didn't move my office down there this past summer....on the other hand, this has shown me the one corner of the basement that does stay dry regardless of how much rain comes in so if I do put the office down there this summer as intended, I will know exactly where to build! Hubby and I are trying to look for the positive lol We are now positive that the office needs to be on the southern corner of the house....basically right where it is right now, just dropped straight down.
The goal is to move the office so that we can make changes to Orions room. See right now he has his tv, computer, video games etc in his bedroom. We want to move the office so that we can give him a playroom/electronics room and move all that stuff out of his bedroom. That way when he has friends over they can play in this room and not in his bedroom PLUS when he goes to bed at night he won't be able to sneak in tv or internet.
See that's been a big problem lately. He had headphones so he can't disturb me with his noises when I'm working, but he plugs those into the tv or the internet and he is nice and quiet. BUT if I am working I can't be checking in on him as much. Just this past week I told him internet, tv etc off at 9:30pm. I went in to check on him at break around 10pm and the tv and the internet were both on. So mean mom took away the internet access for 2 days. We bought him one of those USB plug in wireless internet connections so that I could do just that and boy was he mad at me! I gave it back to him tonight and told him if it wasn't off at 9:30 he would lose it for 4 nights. I went in at 9:35 and the screen saver is on the computer, the internet is turned off and he's sound asleep in his bed :) Lesson learned!

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