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Monday, March 29, 2010

FREE stuff alert!

Ok so I think I need an addictions annonymous group or something because let me tell ya, I have found myself getting addicted to a few things lately....I already told ya about my addiction to posting on here, and I have this addiction to texting my sister, and now my newest addiction RINGTONES!

I found this website that I simply LOVE it's If you like ringtones and even better FREE ringtones, then you need to check this site out! I love having different ringtones for the people who call me on a regular basis, that way I know who is calling before I even get to the phone. The problem is that ringtones in general will either be A) the lame ones that came with the phone or B) Something you get to download but it'll cost ya $2.49 plus whatever you pay for the internet usage to download it. (at least that what it is with my carrier AT&T) There are some websites that charge a membership free but you get to download as many as you want, but those often only have the option to send it to your phone and then you again, have to pay for the internet usage to download it. That's what's so awesome about PhoneZoo.

PhoneZoo is completely free. You register with their site just like you would facebook or anything else, you then have access to make your own ringtones or choose from literally probably thousands of ringtones that are made by other people. You can put in any search word and it can be found! There's even ones from tv shows and movies...I found ringtones that were the animaniacs theme song, the A-Team themesong, you name it, you're gonna find it! AND to top it off, you can save those to your computer and if you have a nifty phone like mine you have a memory stick in it that you can also connect to your computers USB and download them onto your memory stick that you stick into your phone and voila....COMPLETELY FREE RINGTONE! If you don't have a nifty phone like mine with expandable memory then you can always just download it to your phone and pay for the download time if you need to. It's not as good of a deal, but still a better than paying for the ringtone AND the downloading.

As an example of the perfect ringtone find...the thing that made me so excited about this website was finding one titled "SISSYPOO" and it's this little girls voice saying "That's my Sissy over there. Sissy I see you, Hi Sissy Poo" As I explained in a previous Thoughtful Thursday post my sister calls me I downloaded it and put it on my phone as her ringtone :) There's also a rap one that sings "Your sister's on the phone, your sister's calling you" and a couple other lines, I have that one for a switchout when I want to change it hehe


And just incase anyone is wondering, no I am not being paid to review this site, nor was I approached to advertise for them in any manner or form! I simply was excited to find this site and since I know a lot of people like ringtones and they also like saving money, I thought I would be kind enough to share :) If you do visit their site I would love to hear how you feel about it and I hope you find the perfect ringtone for your phone!

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