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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The mom moments you wish would never happen

I'm sure every mom has had them, the question that your kid blurts out when you least expect it and you just don't know what to say....I've had a few in the 8 years I've been Orions Mom and just the other day we had yet another. It went something like this...

Orion......Mom, exactly how much love does it take to make a baby?

A little history here....we've told Orion that mom and dad loved each other so much that we were overflowing and needed to share it so all that extra love created him. We didn't go with a stork story or birds and bees and at his age we certianly haven't touched the reality of the "S word".

Me.......Well it takes a lot of love, why you asking?

Orion.....Well I love Jessica an awful lot but I don't think I'm ready to have a baby of my own yet.

Me....flustered and stumbling on thoughts in my head well Honey you're way too young to be thinking about love and marriage. You need to love someone enough to be able to commit the rest of your life to them. You need to be willing to love them forever and ever and if you're going to be a daddy you need to be able to take care of your family. You need a job, a house and be willing to give up a lot so that your wife and children are happy and cared for.

Orion.....Well I do hope that one day I can marry Jessica, she's a really nice girl and we play together a lot. I just don't want to do it right now.

Me....Well then you have nothing to worry about sweetie, you're too young to even worry about such things anyway. When you're ready to give her everything you have for the rest of your life, then you can worry about babies. Until then, enjoy being young.....wait until you're at least 30 before you have babies kiddo.

He eventually dropped it, but my oh my I was worried he was going to be asking for some real details. He always like to know the science of how things work, he's always been curious about how it works. For instance, one day a couple of summers ago...I think he was 5 maybe 6, anyway he blurts out as we're walking home from a friends house

"Mom did you swallow me?"

I asked him whatever could he mean by that? I had no clue where that was going and he clears it up nicely by saying

"When I was a baby, did you swallow me?"

so I said no and laughed trying to figure out his train of thought and he looks up at me with this quirky little face that looked totally confused and asks

"Then how did I get into your tummy to grow? And how exactly did I get out again? Did you have to throw me up or did you poop me out?"

That's when I told him the little ditty about parents loving each other so much they have this overflowing of love that creates a baby. If only I had known then that it would come back to get me a few years down the road lol As far as the second part of his question, I tried to change the subject and not even go there....he's a boy that's Daddy's job!