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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just some random thoughts

Recently I have had some titles come across my desk at work that have made me think.  These are religious based questions, and anyone who has read my blog knows that I often question the christian beliefs....well here are a few thoughts along those lines.

First there's the story of Christmas, I see and hear these people daily asking why people want to take Christ out of Christmas...well my question would be, "Why do you have to butt your Christ into our Christmas?" The traditional Christmas holiday had nothing to do with the birth of Christ. As a matter of fact, if you read the story in the bible and then compare it to the known weather patterns in that part of the world, it is impossible that Christ was born in the month of December! The flocks of sheep would not be out in the fields in the dead of night in the middle of December and the shepherds would not be sitting out there guarding them. But let's look at this story a little more. Christians want you to believe that this virgin girl was "touched" by God and became pregnant with his son...ok people we all know how babies are made so that narrows down to God raped an innocent 13 year old virgin to impregnate her with his child. A girl that was already vowed to marry another. Now Joseph, the poor sap, had no choice but to go ahead and marry the girl and make her an honorable woman so that she wasn't having a child out of wedlock. So Christians put all their beliefs and hopes into a child molester! But, he's not just a child molester, he's also a supporter of incest as well.

Now you might ask how I came to the conclusion that God supports incest? It's simple really....God created Adam and Eve right? They got together and had a bunch of children...well where do you think the rest of the population came from? Now it's entirely possible that Adam and Eve, much like the Duggar family had 3 football teams worth of kids, but eventually Eve's body would have said enough of this and stopped producing kids. The only logical way for the population of this planet to continue is for those children to get busy and make some of their own...that's called incest. Brothers and sisters are not supposed to get it on, it's just wrong and nasty....yet God supports it because he only created one man and one woman to procreate and populate the earth. If he didn't support it he would have created two men and two women so that they could have children and the genes wouldn't have to mix because there would be two separate families with different genetics.

Personally I think Christians are just looking for some hope, grasping for something to make life meaningful. So they created these stories and passed them down from generation to generation without thinking about how these stories actually sound when you look at them from the outside. They were so desperate to not let pagans have a holiday that they created this story of Christ being born on Christmas day, so sad, why single yourself out? Why not join in with society and go along with the festivities? If you don't want to party with the pagans then celebrate your god but don't go changing the story to say what you want it to be, just celebrate in your own circle of friends like the rest of us. Celebrate your god but don't change his birthday just to attempt to take away the original reason for the're so selfish to do that and isn't selfishness wrong in your book?  When Christians hear stories about rape they pray, they say God will get you through this and they pray for justice. They pray that the rapist finds Christ and asks for forgiveness for his sins and that the victim be healed...why? Because God is a rapist himself, Jesus Christ is a child of rape and so they will understand. Of course God will forgive the rapist, he's one himself, he can totally relate. And Christ will of course heal the heart of the victim because he knows his mother was a victim too.  When these Christians hear about incest they are disgusted and call it an abomination, yet they don't see their own story of creation to be an abomination...why? I do not know!

These are just a couple of reasons why I struggle with this Christian belief system. I have been a victim and I don't think they are great stories to teach children. Why should a child worship a child molester? If God were to pull that crap today he would go to jail and once he got out he would be labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life. Maybe Christians need to rethink and keep their Christ out of my Christmas, I much prefer to celebrate the real reason for the, family and our life together.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The joys of fall....

We live where there are lots and lots of trees and that means lots and lots of leaves. Today was week three of cleaning up leaves off the yard and moving them back into the woods so that our grass can grow nice come springtime. Lucky for me, I have this terrific little wild child who just so happens is at the perfect age to do yardwork. BUT he's also still at that perfectly playful age too so after all the leaves are piled up, and before he helps me lug them off into the woods, he gets to do things like this......

That was just one of the smaller piles of leaves, we had a few that were at least three times as big on the side yard and a couple other that were about the same as that one as well. But he got to run through the leaves, he got to have fun and laugh, and he totally enjoyed jumping off that swing into that pile over and over again. At one point he did ask me why I didn't join in, why I no longer jump in leaves and play too. Kinda got me to thinking that maybe I shouldn't worry about what the neighbors think and I too should just have some childish leaf fun....but then again I don't want the neighbors to think I've gone a bit loopy since turning 40. I did have fun watching him have fun and I laughed with him and enjoyed capturing the moment in my minds eye and on the camera. I'll look back on those with fondness in the future and I can only hope that someday, when he's all grown up, he'll come back and help with those leaves and maybe make some memories of his own as he watches his children play and laugh in the leaves. Then we'll share a whole different perspective of these memories and maybe then he'll understand that a parent doesn't have to actually play in the leaves to have fun, they just have to watch their children do it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This past week has been a very long one for the wild child and for myself....because he was grounded.  Long story short, he got caught texting some pretty bad language and a lesson needed to be learned. So he spent the entire week with no electronics except for the 30 minutes a day that was allowed to him. He had no cell phone time, no tv, no video games, nothing electronic at all for entertainment. For 30 minutes each day he could watch tv or play on his iPod, but no internet and no computer except for school work. Also no friends and he missed out on going to spend the weekend with his grandparents. He was pretty bored at first and then he started to use his imagination and found that life isn't so bad without electronic devices to entertain. He discovered old toys that he had stopped playing with and the joy of shooting hoops in the driveway. He learned to enjoy reading again to pass the time and learned just how much he enjoys his electronic toys. He learned a new appreciation for what he has and learned that mom isn't a pushover.

Today he got back his electronic devices, he is still without a phone for another week. I feel I still need to drive to home just how severe of an offense it was that he was texting with that kind of language. Regardless of what other children say in their texts, it is not, and never will be, ok for my child to speak or text in that way.  Mom is playing tough and the wild child is learning a valuable lesson.

Let me tell ya though, this week I have faced my biggest challenge ever....sticking to a punishment that I handed out! Quite often, because of his ADHD, I will give in early and let him have back what was taken away. I think that has actually taught him that mom is a softy and will give in quickly if he puts on his pouty face and apologizes nicely. I tend to go easier on him because I know he struggles with his impulse control with the ADHD and I don't think that has been a good lesson to teach. So now, now that he is older, I must be strong and hold out so that he can learn to control the impulses and be a good man. Now I must be strong and be a really isn't easy!