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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This past week has been a very long one for the wild child and for myself....because he was grounded.  Long story short, he got caught texting some pretty bad language and a lesson needed to be learned. So he spent the entire week with no electronics except for the 30 minutes a day that was allowed to him. He had no cell phone time, no tv, no video games, nothing electronic at all for entertainment. For 30 minutes each day he could watch tv or play on his iPod, but no internet and no computer except for school work. Also no friends and he missed out on going to spend the weekend with his grandparents. He was pretty bored at first and then he started to use his imagination and found that life isn't so bad without electronic devices to entertain. He discovered old toys that he had stopped playing with and the joy of shooting hoops in the driveway. He learned to enjoy reading again to pass the time and learned just how much he enjoys his electronic toys. He learned a new appreciation for what he has and learned that mom isn't a pushover.

Today he got back his electronic devices, he is still without a phone for another week. I feel I still need to drive to home just how severe of an offense it was that he was texting with that kind of language. Regardless of what other children say in their texts, it is not, and never will be, ok for my child to speak or text in that way.  Mom is playing tough and the wild child is learning a valuable lesson.

Let me tell ya though, this week I have faced my biggest challenge ever....sticking to a punishment that I handed out! Quite often, because of his ADHD, I will give in early and let him have back what was taken away. I think that has actually taught him that mom is a softy and will give in quickly if he puts on his pouty face and apologizes nicely. I tend to go easier on him because I know he struggles with his impulse control with the ADHD and I don't think that has been a good lesson to teach. So now, now that he is older, I must be strong and hold out so that he can learn to control the impulses and be a good man. Now I must be strong and be a really isn't easy!

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