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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Note to self.....

Next time you have a relaxing drink and decide you need to go to the bathrrom....take your cell phone off your pocket! I didn't do that and the poor cell went for a swim in the mighty throne LMAO! I got it out pretty fast, dried it off and used the hair dryer on it in hopes that it wasn't totally shot to H E Double Hockey Sticks....but it was not really fast enough! The phone works ok, I can still call and text and take pictures. There's a little condensation on the inside edge of the screen...but it's a lot less than it was so it looks like it's going away. The biggest thing is that now the volume is shot! I can barely hear it when it rings and chimes and when I called my voicemail, it was a little more difficult to hear because of the volume....but the volume is turned all the way up! It's so not what it used to be....and the worst part this phone is only 5 or 6 months old....and no I did not buy the extended warrantee incase I dropped it in the toilet :( Silly me!

So now I am hoping and praying to the cell phone gods that they have mercy upon my poor little soul and heal my cell phone of its laryngitis so I can hear my nifty ringtones that I just put on it! Seriously, so not fair here! I mean, yes I have been wanting a QWERTY phone that will make texting Big Sis even easier, and yes I have regretted getting this one that does not have the QWERTY keyboard, BUT I can't really afford to drop the $200 or so on a new phone! Hopefully this one will dry out and when it does it will have full volume once again...if not I'll have to start saving my pennies so I can get myself a newer, better cell phone :)

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