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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UH-OH I have an addiction issue........

NO it's not my sons adderall...I know a lot of mothers get hooked on that but that is not my issue at all. Hell, no way would I rather take his meds than give it to him...I would go crazy with his wild ways lol

Nope, my addiction is blogging! Especially since I changed the layout in here I just wanna come look at it all the time and the more I look the more I want to blog. Just today, as I was driving down the highway, I saw a license plate and I thought to myself "I should post that on my blog!" The plate read:


Why be glum?? What a great question eh? Why should we be glum? We as humans need to look for the brighter side of things, find the light at the end of the tunnel and seek the sunshine. When the doom and gloom is pressing down upon us we need to rise up and find a positive in our lives. I'm not talking religion...personally I have a hard time with the whole God thing (if you've read my previous posts you know what that's all about) I personally don't know if there is this almighty merciful God out there watching over us...if he is out there why didn't he have mercy on me and my siblings as our egg donor tried to kill us or when the sperm donor was raping us?? OK OK that's another post for another Thursday...but you get my drift as to my problems with religion and why my feelings on finding the positive has nothing to do with religion or god. My decision to look for the positives is for my own personal comfort and to help me set a better example for my son!

My son...he's my own personal positive! When I look at him I see nothing but happiness...ok I occassionally see red when he's in full blown ADHD mode, unmedicated and bouncing off the walls (or worse climbing the walls literally) but underneath that red I see happiness. He is my living proof that there is life after abuse, there is survival, that life does go on and perhaps one reason I suffered my childhood abuse was so I wouldn't lose my cool with this kid who is challenging to say the least! He is everything I wish I could have been...innocent and carefree!

So as I passed the car with the plate that read YBGLUM I found myself asking myself that question and finding all the positives I could about my life. I wanted to share it with whatever readers I have because it made me want you to ask yourself....

Why be glum when you can be glad...isn't that a much better feeling?? I think it is...what about you?

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