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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feeling a bit better....

My neck is on the mend, it doesn't hurt quite as much as it did. I can actually move it a little bit too!

Today was an awesome day for me, hubby got up early and went off on his guy snowboarding day which left me and Orion to sleep in. Orion woke up before me and asked me if I wanted to sleep a little longer before getting up to make him breakfast. It was only 8:30 so I asked if he could hold out till 9 and he agreed. He went off to play video games quietly while I slept in. 9am rolls around and he comes in asking if he can take me out to breakfast :)

Orion had been saving his money to buy himself a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Yes, it's old school but he is fascinated with the old video gaming systems and the old Mario games! He found a website that sells them and he has been saving to buy it....but he opted to save a little longer so that he could take his mom out to breakfast! I felt pretty special watching him spend his money on me and I could tell he was pretty proud of himself, I felt like the worlds luckiest mom today!

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