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Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to reality......

School vacation is finally over, Orion returns to school and I get to go back to bed once he's out the door! Of course this also means that I get to work later at night as well (thus the need to go back to bed once he's out the door)

YEAH and boo-hoo at the same time! Although it has been a challenge having him home everyday, say nothing about him being kinda sick and miserable, I also did not medicate him which makes for some big challenges! He's a wild man to say the least without meds, but he eats, and he eats, and he eats until I have no more food in the house! This is truly a good thing since the meds kill his appetite and he doesn't eat well when he's on it. If his weight doesn't go up, the meds go down. If the meds go down, his grades go down. If his grades go down, his self-esteem goes back down....and we so do not want to go there! He needs the higher dosage so we (correction I) have to deal with his wild man ways whenever possible just so he'll eat tons of food and gain some weight. He needs to continue to gain 4 to 5 pounds a year...I know it doesn't sound like a lot but it truly is when you are dealing with Adderral! On the plus Mr. Moody Pants all week! I loved hearing his laughter, loved seeing him smile, loved watching him just be him! As the meds leave his body he gets exceptionally angry, so angry that a lot of parents will take their kids off the meds just to not have to deal with it any longer! It's truly bad, very hard to deal with, and generally ends up with him being closed up in his room all by himself for an hour or so every evening. I hate to do it, but the anger is even harder to deal with than the wild man that he is when he isn't medicated. The meds are good for school, not so good for home. I do not look forward to him going back to school for that very reason....I don't want to deal with the anger. But he needs school, whether he realizes it or not. He needs the socialization, the friendships that he's building. He needs to be around other kids and learn how to deal with doing things you might not truly WANT to do. He's going to have plenty of things in his grown-up life that he's going to have to do whether he wants to or not, so he needs to learn how to deal with that and do the tasks gracefully without too much fussing and complaining. Besides, mom needs the break occassionally and it is nice to just sit in a quiet house all by myself and just listen to my own breathing, the cats purring and the dog snoring at my feet. I guess back to school is bitter-sweet, a love-hate relationship, something I have to learn to deal with too.

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SMJ said...

Finally!! The comment thingy wasn't going to let me post, grrr. Anyways, hope you are feeling better. And hope Orion is off to a good start at school again. I really feel for these kids who deal with so much at school. Seems to get harder & harder at younger & younger ages. Did ya manage to fatten the child up any? LOL