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Sunday, February 7, 2010

What an amazing day I just shared with my boy

Today we went snowboarding, it was our first day of spending the entire day dedicated to teaching Orion to ride! It was such an amazing day I can barely scratch the surface describing the emotions and feelings wrapped up in this one day!

First of all, we rode up with hubby but hubby had a couple of his guy friends coming up to meet him there. That way I could dedicate myself to teaching Orion and not have anyone interfering or making other suggestions (something daddy is notorious for lol) We set the rules for the day....every other run would be a lesson run and the other runs he could do whatever he wanted and just have fun. My hope was in agreeing to the fun runs he would use them to practice and try to perfect the moves......and that's exactly what happened! The first run was a fun run...get into the mode and just enjoy being out there again. The second run was a lesson. We worked on getting him onto his toe edge since he was hesitant to get there. Then the third run he had fun....etc. etc. etc. By the end of the day (21 runs later) he was connecting turns all the way down the trail! He kept saying to me "this run is a fun run and I'm not carving! I swear I'm not doing it" then sure enough he would start out doing the falling leaf but in the end he was carving and really working on the process of going heel, toe, heel, toe all the way down!

I can barely express how awesome it was to watch him learn and see the motions click. I swear it was just as overwhelming as watching him take his first steps and the amazement as he figured out he could run! It's one of those days I'll put into my memory treasure chest, a day to remember years from now! I truly can not wait to take him up next week so I can experience it all over again!

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