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Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's the weekend and....

Here I sit at the computer still sniffling, still coughing and although I do "feel" better I can't get rid of this junk in my head. I went to the doctor only to be told that it's just a virus....gee thanks for nothing! She would give me nothing for this, just told me to get lots of rest (yeah right, apparently she doesn't have an ADHD child on school vacation) and the over the counter stuff should work just fine.

Orion is feeling better, still coughing a little here and there, but his sniffles have stopped and he is back to his old bouncy self.

Hubby is feeling great, off snowboarding with the guys this weekend...which I know sounds almost cruel since I love to snowboard too, but really it's nice to have one less person to care for at the moment!

We're actually expecting some good snowfall this week coming up so we're gonna be the cool parents who allows their kid to play hookie and go snowboarding in the middle of the school week....SHHH don't tell the school! On Wednesday morning we'll get him up bright and early (somewhere around 5am) and head up to the mountain for the day. It should be a really fun day and I am sure it's something Orion will remember for quite some time....I just hope he doesn't tell the kids at school about it cause we're sure to get frowned upon for such an aweful thing like actually encouraging skipping school occassionally just to have fun!

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