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Friday, February 26, 2010

Back from snowboarding...

We did take Orion up snowboarding, on Wednesday morning we were looking out the window to scenes of pouring rain here, but we knew (because of the modern technology called RADAR ) that we were heading up towards some major snowfall! 5am found us pulling out of the drive heading north!

Wednesday was an awesome day, but it was rough riding! First it was a wet snow, the kind you love to build snowmen with. Second, there was a lot of it!! There was so much snow that by 11 am there was piles everywhere and you couldn't tell that they had actually groomed the night before. It was heavy to ride in, sticky on the boards and Orion isn't that experienced of a rider so he had a hard time connecting his turns. At one point, I put too much weight on my front foot going down, I was going way too fast and went flying "ass over tea kettle" (that's how my Grammy used to phrase it) In other words, I did a major cartwheel on my snowboard, landed on my head, and knew I was gonna feel that tomorrow. It was one of those moments you wish someone with a camera had been around cause you know it was spectacular! We decided to stay the night and let them groom up that 12 to 18 inches and ride on Thursday as well.

Thursday we woke up in the hotel to pouring rain, but that modern technology called radar showed an open window over the mountain. I was a little stiff, but we opted to give it a go anyway. I kept telling hubby that 1) he had promised the boy so we had to give it a try and 2) the mountain is at a higher elevation so this rain was going to be snow. He was Mr. Pessimistic but in the end I got my "I TOLD YA SO!" It was snowing when we got up there. The lifts were frozen and they couldn't get them running for an extra hour...Orion just went out and built a snowman outside the lodge to kill some time! We finally got up on the chair and after the first couple runs I was feeling horrible! I was stiff as a board, couldn't turn my board without major pain in my neck and shoulders, so I opted to give it up for the day. I literally walked down the bottom 3rd of the trail because I was afraid of hurting myself trying to ride. Orion looked so sad and disappointed as he saw me unclick from my board and walk down, I tried to get him to go ride with Daddy, but he didn't want me to be alone in the lodge so he opted to stop and let Daddy go ride with his friend who had met us up there. He kept saying he was a bit tired, but I could tell he had more in him and he would have loved to keep riding, he's just too thoughtful of a kid to let me sit all alone in the lodge hurting. (Yes, I'm patting myself on the back when I get to the point that I can reach around there lol)

Overall, Orion had a bunch of fun. At the hotel he got to play football with a couple of boys in the pool while I sat in the hot tub. He got 2 days of riding in, he got to experience fresh snow for the first time and he got to show me what a great kid I'm raising. Me and hubby scored major brownie points for not only taking him out of school for a day of riding, but also for being unpredictable and opting to stay the night and make it a double header! We tought him the fun of being spontanious!

Yes I hurt like hell today, I have some major whiplash, can't move my neck at all without major pain. I know I'm not broken, just majorly sprained and strained with lots of pulled muscles! I can move, it just hurts to do so! I'll probably be hurting for a few days, but it was worth it in the end!

Oh and hubby got major brownie points when he realized we had NOTHING for spending the night so he found a local walmart and bought us all swimsuits, underwear, toothbrushes and toothpase and all the other needed things for spending the night at a hotel. And when I got into that $30 swimsuit he bought me and he and Orion both told me how great I looked in it...yeah I felt pretty good at that moment. As I stood looking into the full length mirror at my reflection I noticed something that had changed...I've almost completely lost my "mommy pooch" 2 years ago I was almost 200 pounds, I worked hard to lose that weight but the mommy pooch was always there. It was all loose skin and stuff and hubby kept telling me it would tighten back up but I didn't believe him...until Wednesday night as I looked into the mirror and realized he was right and damn...I did look good if I do say so myself! 123 pounds looks way better than 196!

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