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Monday, May 17, 2010

What's going on........

This is our 2 busiest months in our house, our regular bowling leagues wrap up for the season and all the tournaments happen in these 2 months along with the banquets for the bowling. I had my league banquet today, Orion already bowled in the State Championship, taking 1st place teams, 2nd place doubles and 3rd place for singles. We have to go to the banquet for that in a couple of weeks so he can get his trophies. I qualified for the King and Queen tournament which will happen on Wednesday night, Orion qualified for the Prince and Princess Tournament that will happen on Saturday. We also have the banquet for his regular league coming up right after the banquet for state championships and right after that he is trying out for the Bay State Games tournament....if he qualifies he'll have to compete in the finals the week after qualifying rounds.   In the middle of all that school will end, we'll start our Adult/Youth summer league and compete together on a weekly basis all summer long. Orion has also decided that next fall he wants to bowl with me in an Adult/Youth league rather than bowl in the regular junior kids league so that might make next year a little less because I won't need to attend 2 separate end of league parties like I have had to in years past. Honestly, I look forward to having one less thing to do :)

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