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Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

This is one holiday that I think is great, it has a real purpose and it hits home personally as my nephew sits in the sandy desert in 120 degree sunshine fighting for our country as we speak. I am so thankful for him and all those soldiers who are fighting in what feels like a useless battle.

Am I the only one who feels this reminds them of back in the 70's when we were fighting in the vietnam war and everyone kept feeling like we really shouldn't be there anymore? I know I was just a kid but I remember tying the yellow ribbon around the old oak tree just to show our support for the soldiers to come home. I didn't fully understand the whole thing back then, but now that I am here and a grown up, I do get it and I wish my son didn't have to see on the news who died recently or what happened overseas. I hate it!

 So anyway, here I am relaxing with my cyber  family, hubs is out fixing the neighbors car, the boy is playing with his girlfriend that he has over while her parents prepare their inground pool for opening :)  It's not raining on Memorial Day...which is a first in a very long time. It seems like every single Memorial Day it rains, so this is a nice change. Plus I get to do all this in my lawnchair outdoors. OK so I'm sneezing, my eyes are burning from the pollen and I really shouldn't be out here, B UT it's so nice out I can't help myself! I've already weeded out the beds, picked the fresh strawberries for the day (we get about a dozen a day) watered the flowers and strawberries and de-flea'ed the cats. One of the cats tried to lick himself and now he's drooling....dingus is silly enough to do that and doesn't learn his lesson. He'll be fine, but he'll be drooling for a day or two.

This week coming up should be a pretty busy one. We have the start of our Adult/Youth bowling league, the State Championship banquet, Orion's 4th grade project is due (he has a lot of work to do still) and we have the Junior League banquet as well.

I'm off of here for now, the kiddos want to go inside and have some lunch and I'm kinda hungry too. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day holiday:)

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