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Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo Friday

I thought the title sounded good...Photo Friday...I know I haven't done it before and knowing me it might take awhile for me to ever do it again BUT for this week, this will be my Friday'll be about a photo.

This isn't just any photo, it's a photo I took with my camera just yesterday

I love that photo, my boy has what I believe are the most amazing eyes in the world! Since I love the photo so much I decided to try to play with it a little, I used to do this a lot and even did a few digital enhancements for money before, but since I never really liked to put make-up on kids I didn't do well in the business. I was completely self-tought and so I don't know the software as well as the professionals and I don't know how to take a ho-hum photo and turn it into something amazing...what I can do is touch the good photos up a little...brighten the right areas, fix minor flaws like little bits of food or a fly away piece of hair. And I can turn it b&w which is something I just love. I love the look of a b&w photo. So I used my corel paint shop pro and did this

It's not a huge difference I know, but it's a change. I made the color deeper, brought out his eyes more. I like this, it's still natural but a little better than the raw camera can do. Then I did this

Voila..a gorgeous b&w photo! I think I'll probably go down to CVS ad have these printed out for me, I'll probably get copies for my mother in law since I know she would love to have one as well.

Well that's my photo and this is Friday so I guess this post is done lol I hope you enjoyed looking at my handsome boy!

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