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Monday, May 3, 2010

19 years.......

May 3rd 1991 my life changed, I just didn't know it at the time how much exactly it was changing! I woke up like any other day wondering and worrying about what was going to happen in my near future.  I was living in my college dorm at the time, no other place to live and summer was rapidly approaching. The school was not going to allow me to stay in the dorm over the summer and I was debating trying to stay and just sneaking in and out all summer long. I could climb in and out the window all summer long and just stay there since I had no where else to go. Having spent the previous 9 years in the foster care system, a blow out with my siblings for writing a paper on our abuse, and no other relatives or friends to speak of, I was in deep doo-doo! I had also just found a lump in my right breast and was due to go into surgery in 3 days time to see what it was and have it removed. My world was pretty bleak to say the least...the only thing I had going for me was my job as the night manager down at the local KFC where I was making a fair wage. Oh, did I mention that I had just been notified by my scholarship committee that I was losing my full 4 year scholarship because of the fact that I did not get the required grades dispite the fact that I had spent 12 weeks recovering from a ruptured appendix and emergency surgery??? Yeah life was pretty glum!

So when one of my regular customers came in and invited me to his place for a party at his place and asking if I could bring some left over chicken I was all for it. I deserved a night of forgetting my troubles and getting out. I had just had a bad break up about 6 months prior and it was time to get myself back out there. It turned out there was no party, it was just this one guy there, and I think he was trying to hook me up with his room mate. I was cool with that, he really wasn't my type anyway. Shortly after 6pm this man walked through the apartment door. He was NOT the man of my dreams by any means. He was not tall dark and handsome like I always thought I would marry, he was instead short, quirky and cute but he was rocking that leather jacket something fierce! It was zipped just half way and he had nothing on under it, just his chest muscles was man cleavage like you dream about...not flabby at all, just raw ripped muscles...YUM! I couldn't take my eyes off of him as I watched him stand there talking to him room mate like I wasn't even in the room, then he glanced over like I was some wierdo (and  must have looked like one staring at him like that) and he simply said "Hi" That was it, I was gone! He was mine, I knew it, he was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with! I never believed in love at first sight until May 3rd 1991 when I laid eyes upon my man!

Three days later he drove me to my doctors office to have outpatient surgery on my breast, he drove me home again and helped me settle in and sleep. He had known me 3 days yet he was doing this for me...what a great guy! 2 weeks later, as we sat in his red toyota pick-up truc where  he very nervously told me he thought he was falling in love with me. One month from the day we met we moved into our very own apartment..June 3rd, 1991!

5 years later, on May 3rd 1996 we exchanged vows formally and officially became husband and wife. At the time we were already devoted to each other and we knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that we would be together forever, it took us awhile to save up the money to pay for the wedding (and it took him awhile to draw up the nerve to actually buy a ring and make that final commitment) To this day we concider our true anniversary to be the day we met, not the day we married because we knew, even then, that it was meant to be and that we would be a couple for the rest of our lives!

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