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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Vacation Planning part 2

The hubs and I decided to go for it and booked the Smuggs vacation! We'll be going up to Vermont to have some fun! As I picked up Orion today he was asking if we had booked the trip and if we were definitely going because he couldn't think about anything else all day long! He is actually starting to get a little excited at the concept! I was thrilled to hear him warming up to the idea and look forward to watching him enjoy the giant water trampoline in the middle of the 6 acre pond! He wants to do that and the giant swing that dangles 100 feet in the air...looks like lots of fun and I want to do it too!

Of course as usual we already have a small hitch....after hubs booked it they called him back to tell him the bank card wouldn't go through for some reason. They supposedly tried it a bunch of times but it wouldn't take...but we know we have enough money in there because that's where our tax return is sitting! So tomorrow hubs is going to call the bank and see if there is any reason it might not have gone through and then call smuggs back and go from there. Currently they have our names in there and the place is reserved for us so we're happy about that!

I also called the kennel and woohoo we got the last slot for that week so the dog will be well taken care of and we won't have to worry about him at all!

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