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Monday, May 24, 2010

Enjoying my new toy and other thoughts

Spent most of the afternoon yesterday listening to Orion and the twin boys he invited over fighting and arguing something awful! These two boys were the best display of sibling rivalry I've seen since my sister and I were their age lol. At one point they were fist fighting in the backyard, that was the point I decided it was time for them to go home. The only good that came out of that playdate was the moment I heard my son say

"You two are making me wish I never invited you over here! You fight so much that I am never inviting the two of you together again! From now on you can only come over here one at a time!"

I did tell their mother what had happened, although some might say that was wrong, I feel if my son were a rotten little snot I would want their mother to tell me so I will do the same thing. It's that theory of treat others the way you want to be treated. I want to know what my kid does so I will tell others what their kids do too. Besides if my kid behaved like those two boys I would have been horribly embarrassed!

Also, I am truly enjoying my new netbook hubby bought for me. Orion begged me to play on it this morning and I let him for awhile before school. He really wants a laptop of his own...he wanted one before, but now he REALLY wants one!  He wants a big one like dads, but he will probably end up with one like mine. Personally I like this one better than the big one, the only thing that made me wonder if I would like it or not was the fact that there is no cd player in it so I would have to buy an external one if I were to want to download cd's into this thing. Of course that's not really a huge deal, so I'm not too worried about that. I have grown to love it already and am finding reasons to play on it regularly.

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