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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tired and cranky and wanting to run away

That's me today...and I don't like it....but I can't seem to help it!

I've mentioned before that I suffer from PMDD (PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) and I take a wonderful medication called Yaz for it. You've probably seen the ads on TV for Yaz...maybe even seen the ones for the law suits over Yaz as well. Yaz is a form of birth control pill, but it is also for PMDD and if you don't have PMDD but take Yaz you will most likely have the side effects that caused the law suit in the first place. Most women suffer from PMS, and they think it's bad but until they have suffered with PMDD they have no clue just how bad it truly can be! When Yaz first came out it wasn't clear in the ads that it should be prescribed for PMDD and not as a general birth control method. They have cleared it up a little better and now doctors know if the patient does not have PMDD they should NOT be taking Yaz for birth control. I do have it, so therfore I take it.

So you might be asking why am I suffering this month?? Well it's really simple! My doctor prescribed Yaz to me but only gave me a 9 month supply because he wanted to see me again after 9 months to make sure that my condition is PMDD and not just PMS. In case you didn't know, PMDD is hard to diagnose and he wanted to be certain since there are bad side effects with it if you really don't have PMDD. Anyway, in that 9 months my doctor left the practice where I go to become a trauma specialist. Apparently he wanted to make more money and so he left the general practice and moved on. My new doctor had never seen me before and therefore had no clue about the plan that my previous doctor had laid out for me. So when I was in her office for a sickness I mentioned to her that I was out and needed a new prescription. She didn't understand why my previous doctor had not given me a years supply and said she would call in the rest to get me to my regular annual check-up.

She never called it in!

I went to the pharmacy to pick it up and it was not there. I called the doctors office and she was on vacation and there was no notation in my file about it so no one would prescibe me anything without an annual exam and of course my insurance will only pay for 1 a year and I am not due for a few months so I had to wait until she got back. She was back this week, but that put me almost a full month without my meds...and thus I suffer...hubby suffers and Orion suffers!

And so this week I am tired, cranky and downright evil at times! I hate the way I am and don't even want to be around myself when I get like this which is why I went on the meds in the first place. I'm going out today to pick up my new prescription that she called in finally and will look forward to a better month next month.

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