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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Med Check today

Took Orion to the doctors for his med check. He has to go every 4 months to watch his weight and height. He moved up to 30mg of the Adderall XR and therefore he needs to be watched very closely! Orion has always been very low in his weight in general. He never even got out of the 10th percentile on the charts until he hit 5 years old and even then he only went up to 25th percentile. When I knew I was going to put him on meds I fed him lots and lots of junk so he would gain weight. I let him eat as much as he wanted, when he wanted to, so that when he went on the meds he would only lose the fat that I put on him and not drop into a dangerous level...I knew that one of the biggest side effect of the meds was weightloss.

He actually went way up in weight, but very shortly after going on meds he dropped down. Now we fight to maintain a good weight and the more medication he takes, the harder it is to maintain a healthy weight. When he sprouts up like this it's even worse because he'll appear to be nothing but skin and bones. That's what he looks like right now, nothing but skin and bones! The doctor is a little concerned about the fact that he went up in height but down in weight since moving up to the 30 mg but since he's doing so well in school and socially he wants to give us another 4 months to gain that pound back! Ideally Orion should gain 4 to 5 pounds a year according to the doctor, not lose weight so if he doesn't get that back we will have to adjust the meds, switch to something different or find some other solution to the ADHD me I will be working very hard to fatten this kid up and get that pound back!

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