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Friday, April 2, 2010

Results on Big Sis

She had her MRI yesterday morning and then the stinkin computers went down so the doc couldn't compare the results. Apparently, her doctor (much like Orions doctors office) has gone to electronic scans over printing them out so you only get to view them on a computer screen. Anyway, according to the doctor she won't know the full plan of what will happen next until the computers get up and running (and with this being good friday and then the weekend the earliest will be Monday). Looking at her previous MRI however she could tell Sis that she has a bad case of arthritis in her spinal column and the disc between her 5th and 6th vertebrea is breaking down. It is the breakdown of this disc that is pinching the nerve causing her to have the tremors, the numbness and unbearable pain and spasms. As it continues to break down, it will only get worse. The doctors concern is that since Big Sis' symptoms are so severe and happening pretty much daily, that she is going to need some kind of surgery to repair or replace the disc. Big Sis is scared of surgery, especially anything to do with her neck as she has this almost irrational fear of ending up paralyzed...I keep trying to tell her that if she doesn't get the surgery then her disc will break down enough that she will end up paralyzed anyway so she's better off taking the risk. My MIL just had this surgery about a year and a half ago and she's perfectly which Big Sis pointed out that she probably had real insurance and that just makes me sigh because it is true.

Anyway, the doctor will hopefully get back to her sometime next week to let her know what the next plan will be, but most likely we're talking surgery as long as Big Sis will go through with it. I will be working on her to lean her that way simply because I think it's really in her best interest.

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