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Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring has sprung

For the first time in many months I have managed to go outside in just a short sleeve t-shirt to do things like wash the car, clean up the yard and plant our sunflower seeds! Every single year since Orion was very little, we have planted these giant (and I do mean giant) sunflowers out in the front of our house. These babies will grow to 12 to 14 feet tall and the flowers will have a diameter in the range of 18 inches across! They produce edible seeds that taste oh so yummy and can be replanted the following spring to produce more of these beauties! It's a tradition that we have held onto for many years and I am betting that when Orion grows up and gets his own place he'll be seen outdoors in the spring planting his own sunflowers! They are sitting in the ground hopefully growing roots and preparing to grace us with their beauty over the summer. We have a nice section along the edge of the driveway that gets sun almost all day long so they love being there and grow fairly quickly. We've also seen the bleeding hearts growing nicely and the scallions have already produced enough greenery that I get to enjoy baked potatoes nightly! I get to go out on my deck and enjoy grilling again (something I LOVE doing) I had missed my beautiful Weber grill that hubby and the Wild Child bought me last mother's day. We are friends once again and I get to enjoy that flavor of fire cooked meat nightly!

Yep, spring has sprung and life is grand!

EXCEPT for the aches and pains from all the yardwork lol THAT I do not relish, the blisters on my hands are finally healing.....couldn't find my yardwork gloves but I HAD to get out there and breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sun, and make my yard look more presentable. It's not perfect yet, but it's a heck of a lot better than it was.

Again, spring has sprung and life is grand!

I went out and bought myself some work gloves since I couldn't find my old ones (I'll probably find them now that I have a new pair lol) and my hands are thanking me for the purchase! On Wednesday hubby will take me out and together we will purchase a new lawn mower since ours died at the end of last summer and I will get to mow the grass and make my yard something my boy can be proud to play in and have his friends come over to play in. I'll get over my allergies and fight the good fight because I love the nice weather!

Again I say......

Spring has sprung and Life is grand!!

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