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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bronchitis once again....

I haven't posted all week because I have been fighting bronchitis once again! I get every year, usually for my birthday in February, but this year it waited for some odd reason for my sons spring vacation! The poor kid has had to suffer with a mom who is not feeling well, coughing and struggling to breath! He feels like he didn't get to have a lot of fun on this vacation because of it...the reality of it is that he did get a couple of good days before I got too sick. On Monday morning his girlfriend called him and asked him to come to the zoo with her, then he begged and pleaded with me to come along so that he could hang with his girl and her mom would have someone to talk to lol I went along and we had a good time looking at all the animals and the kids seem to have fun running around together. Then on Tuesday his friend Felix called and asked if he could come over to play for a bit, I had no voice (laryngitis) so I told Orion it would be okay but I didn't want to be yelling at kids all day so only for an hour or so. Felix and him played so well together that he ended up staying for 3 hours and I didn't have to say a single word to them except to ask what they wanted for a snack :)

Yesterday was probably one of the worst days, I got my voice back but the cough was so bad my chest was burning! I ran out of my rescue inhaler so I opted to call the doctor and make sure this wasn't bacterial isn't, it's definately viral so no antibiotics but I did get a refill on my inhaler and some good cough medicine with codeinne so that I can sleep. Poor Orion had to do the running around with me going to the doctors and pharmacy to pick up the meds and the rest of the time hanging out at home letting mom rest...oh and to top the day ff I ended up with a screaming migraine that laid me out on the couch with ice pack on my eyes and running to the bathroom to throw up every few minutes! Not a fun day for the poor kid!

Today I still feel pretty yucky, I cough anytime I lay down so I have to stay sitting up. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything because I feel so rotten! I know Orion was thinking of having his girlfriend come over to play today, but I'm not sure I really want to deal with it. They play well together, but I'm just so tired from not sleeping well that I do feel like I could easily fall asleep on the couch and that probably wouldn't go over well with her mother lol

So today there might not be a Thoughtful Thursday....unless I feel more energetic later on and my fuzzy head clears up enough to get my thoughts together. If not...have a great weekend and don't forget to hug your kids :)

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~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

that sucks hope you start feeling a %100 soon!! Im still try to knock this flu!!!! doesnt help staying up till hmm what time is it 1:42 am lmao