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Friday, May 1, 2009

Feeling better and looking forward to this weekend

My hand is feeling better and I am finally getting some more range of movement as the swelling goes down. The bruise is now just a yellow tone and I now just have 3 little poke marks that show what my wonderful cat did to me.

As for this's a big deal to me. This Sunday is mine and Steve's 13/18 anniversary!

On May 3rd 1991 Steve walked in the door and my world changed. We have not been apart since then. On May 3rd 1996 we finally did what we knew we were destined for, we exchanged vows. This is a siggy tag I made for my discussion board a back in 2005 but it's one of my all time favorite photos from that day

Here we are 18 years after we first met, 13 years after we exchanged vows and became husband and wife. I won't lie, we have had our ups and downs, we've had rough patches that I didn't know if we would make it through, but we did and here we are still together, stronger in our love and holding on to what we knew was meant to be. This past week I have been reflecting on love and marriage and I have come to the understanding that love and marriage isn't the stuff we watched on TV, that isn't reality. Life is a lot harder than they make it look...I only wish life could be fixed in 30 minutes (20 if you take out the commercials) but then again...if all of lifes problems could be fixed that quickly would life be as interesting and worth living as it truly is??? I think not! I tend to think that it's the struggles, the drawn out fights, the battles that we win and lose but come to an understanding in the end of that makes life so much better. Yes we fight, yes we argue and disagree, but if we didn't wouldn't life be pretty boring? It's the fact that we do fight, we do argue and the fact that dispite those we come through it with an "I'm sorry" and an "I Love you " that makes it feel so perfect, so exact, so right for me.

18 years ago I never thought that I would meet someone who could complete me, someone who could turn my world around. I thought that was all just fairy tales. People didn't have happily ever afters, not real people at least. I thought the reason we had fairy tales was so we could all escape the reality that it doesn't happen in real life...I didn't know how very wrong I was. True, in Fairy tales you don't see the couple fighting, you don't see the battles over money and bills and the proper way to discipline the children, you just see the happy mushy stuff. Reality is that the happy mushy stuff happens because you managed to get through those fights, you managed to get over the bills, you managed to come to an agreement or at least agree to disagree. That's where the true bliss happens, that's where the true happiness shines through because in the end you know that now matter what happens you have someone, you have a person who will hold your hand and say they love you even though you have tried so hard not to yet you failed, you messed up, you made a mistake. No matter what you do, there will always be that one person there for you and that my friends is a wonderful feeling! I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to know I have someone and even better that someone is my husband and I love him beyond words!

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