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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Saturday

At least it would be if it would stop raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously mother nature is not being kind this week, I am sick and tired of her crying fit! I want to see some sunshine, I want to take my kid to the fair that's in town and today is the last day! The fair is no fun in the rain! Mother nature needs to get some prozac or zoloft or some other mood swing adjuster and just get over whatever is bugging her! As a mother I can understand having weepy days, I can understand being in the downy dumps and just not wanting to smile cause it feels like there really isn't much to smile about. The kids don't listen, the husband doesn't listen, the animals don't listen...the only person who cares about mom is mom and no one wants to hear her opinion because she needs to cook their dinner or fix them a hearty breakfast or do some other mundane chore....see mother nature, I TOTALLY get it! I also get that mom can't stay in the gloomy-woomies for any length of time, it's just not allowed! If mom ain't happy, ain't nobody happy so Please Mother Nature, just get over it, pick up the pieces, dry those eyes and give us some sunshine so we ALL can have a better day!

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