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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A letter to Verizon

Dear Verizon

First let me say that your customer service needs a serious amount of help! We switched to FIOS service through your company over a year ago and at that time you started billing us twice monthly for your Internet Security Suite. I called every month for 3 months in a row to get the second charge credited to my account. Every month I was appologized to and told that the second charge would not show up again, yet there it was staring me in the face every month. After 3 months you FINALLY removed it and I thought you had your stuff together.

Then I asked for some additional web space so I could post photos on the blog I had through you. The first month there were 2 charges, I called explained that maybe it was my dumb blonde issue pushing the button twice but could you please remove the second 50 MB of storage space and the additional charge. I was told no problem, but again, just like with the security suite it took me 3 months of calling to get you to understand I simply did not want both of those and wanted the scond one removed. Then in February of this year I decided to start a nice free Blogger Blog and skip your charges altogether. Thought maybe I would save myself a few dollars every month....unfortunately (as my Grammy used to say) THOUGHT SHIT HIS BRITCHES, or at least he thought he did! After assuring me that the charge would be removed, after assuring me that the additional webspace would be removed you not only decided to continue giving me the webspace but you decided to once again start charging me twice every month for it!! ITS BEEN 3 MONTHS SINCE I ASKED YOU TO REMOVE IT!! I have been bounced around from person to person, told that I can only remove it online (which is crap because if you go to remove it online you only have the option to add more space, not remove it) I was told by another girl that someone from tech support would be able to walk me through the process, but the lady in tech support told me there was nothing she could do and that customer service was the only people who could remove this from my account, I was sent back to customer service and FINALLY got a nice gentleman who assures me that the charges will be credited to my account and that the webspace will be removed and not charged again.......I don't think I'll hold my breath, history has shown me that I will probably be calling again next month fully ticked off and ready to tear some poor helpless sap a new one because your customer service department leaves a lot to be desired!

One very disgruntled customer in need of some descent service!


Sweet Mama Jones said...

I love your Grammy's saying!! That is hilarious! ;)

Orions Mom said...

Thank you Mama Jones, my Grammy was one amazing lady! She used to say that everytime I would say "I thought..." used to make me laugh so hard when she would add the "at least he thought he did" to the end. I really miss that woman!