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Friday, May 15, 2009

Flashy Friday

I started this last week, my Friday flashback into my life. Whether it be this week or 30 years ago, every Friday I will flash back into my past and share with you the lessons I have learned because of the events in my life. Everyday there is a lesson to be learned and so here's my second Flashy Friday :) Enjoy!


When I was a little girl, all I wanted to be when I grew up was a mom. If someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer they always received was "I want to be a Mommy, but better than mine" If a child said that today, people would wonder, at least I hope they would. They would wonder why a child would say such a thing, what was so bad about that childs mother that made her want to be better? If only someone had asked that question perhaps my life would have been different! But no one asked why, no one asked what could possibly be so bad about my mommy that I so strongly desired to outdo her, I wish they had, but they didn't. I sometimes wonder how my life would be different if only someone asked for details. I wonder if I would be the person I am today??? But of course it does not do well to dwell in the past so I remember it all only to know what not to be, what not to do, and I live everyday thankful that I did become exactly what I always wanted to be...A mommy that's way better than mine ever was or dreamed of being!


The day I realized I was pregnant was not the day I took the test to see the little pink lines. I simply knew beyond all doubt that I must be pregnant. I was sitting on my couch watching "The Karate Kid" and at the end when the boy gets hurt and stands to fight anyway , dispite the pain, dispite the fact that people wanted him to quit, he stood up against the bullies and won. I bawled my eyes out, cried like a baby....I knew then that I MUST be pregnant and I was right. Little did I know that I would become the boy in the movie, willing to stand up and fight dispite the pain and suffering it might cause me. I didn't know I would be playing through the pain...because that's what we do to bring our little ones into this world. We push through the pain, we do things we never thought we could do for the sake of our children so they can learn to stand up to the bullies and be brave, strong and just.


I always knew my son would be a fighter, someone who had a strong will and desire to do things his own way. This wasn't only because I had read the Chinese Zodiac and found the description of a person born under the Year of The Dragon, but because his 1st 9 months inside my body he wanted things his way even then. He didn't like the smell of wet coffee grinds and made me sick to my stomach everyday at work. I'm sure it was him, because I LOVE my coffee! He liked omelets, specifically Ham, egg and cheese and forced me to eat them on a daily basis (something I'm sure he would love for me to cook him on a daily basis now) At 30 weeks he tried to escape but the doctors and I made sure he stay put and I told him he was grounded for at least 6 weeks, he was not allowed video games or TV, no going out to play for 6 weeks because that's when the doctors said it would be ok. I told him if I had my way he would be there for the full 40 weeks, which meant he was grounded for 10 weeks and since I was the mother that's just the way it was....don't like my rules...tough! SO he decided to stay in for 41 weeks and make me miserable just a little longer so that I would know I was not the one calling the shots, he was! Once he was born, he told everyone off if they didn't hold him right, if they tried to put those little mittens on his fingers that he liked to suck and every single night from 9pm to 10 pm he simply screamed to be heard. You could set a clock by him, he was that predictable. I still don't know how he knew the time, but at the stroke of 9 he turned on and didn't turn off until the stroke of 10!

Today he's my amazing little bowler, he started bowling candlepin because he went to a friends brithday party and liked it, so I signed him up for a league. He enjoyed bowling and comparing scores with his friends, but eventually they quit...they said it was too hard. One of them switched to the "big balls" and started bowling 10 pin instead, even tried getting Orion to join him but Orion said no, he wanted to stick with candlepin. He made new friends who also bowled candlepin and enjoyed bowling with them the last 2 years. Now these 2 are saying they want to quit too, they don't like it, it's too hard and they just want to give it up...Orion still won't quit. He made friends with another boy who bowls in the same league and will join his team instead and continue bowling candlepin. I think it's great he swims against the tide, that he doesn't just follow the crowd but adapts adn finds ways to be himself and the best Orion he can possibly be. Today he is the best boy 10 and under in the state of Massachusetts and the boy who quit a couple years ago and went over to 10 pin, he seems jealous of Orions trophies he'll be getting in a couple weeks and says he wishes he had stuck it out now. Orion did it his way, did what he enjoyed and not what everyone thought he should do and stands on top of the mountain a success because of it...a foundation for the years to come. I pray he never stops swimming against the tide and never does what others think he should do just to fit in with the crowd! He has tought me to stand behind what I believe in and to stand up to the influence of others, to not be swayed by the rushing of the waters but to firmly plant my feet and say "NO I will do this my way because it is right for me!" Even at 8 he's teaching me lessons...I wonder how many more he'll teach me before my life is through.


So with that I will conclude this weeks Flashy Friday. I hope everyone has a fun and memorable weekend!


Cammie said...

hello back at you!!! This was a great post and your son is pretty darn cute too!

tammy said...

Great post. I knew I was pregnant before any tests, too. Crying was a part of that! ;) Oh and I always wanted to be a mom, too.

Thanks for stopping by and wishing my daughter a happy birthday. It really helped make her day special. She squealed that she was famous!! ;) Thanks again!!