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Friday, May 8, 2009

Flashy Friday

I read a lot of other blogs and a lot of them seem to have some neat thing they do once a week and there are followers galore. I've always been one to want to fit in but with my own little touch so today I will begin what I will call "Flashy Friday"

On Flashy Friday I will flashback through my life, my week, wherever I want to flashback to, just turn random memories into words to here I go, my very first Flashy Friday post:

20 years ago, I was a senior in high school trying to figure out what to do with my messed up life. I was a foster kid so I knew my time in the home I was in was drawing to a close and I probably wouldn't have a home to go to very shortly. I was working in an afterschool program making some cash for college and there was this one little boy who loved to call me Mommy. I don't know why he started calling me that, he was 9 years old. His mother lived in a different state and he lived with his father. His father became interested in me and we started dating. Chris was literally twice my age, but at 18 I felt I was pretty cool! My foster parents did not approve, they even went to the extent of going to his house to talk to him and ask him NOT to see me ever again. They felt it was inappropriate for a man twice my age to be dating me....but I was 18 and not their child so I did not listen. They grounded, I went out the window. They yelled, I turned up my music, I was a teenager therefore I knew it all. At one point I got tired of listening to my foster mother so I told her I would break up with him, something I had no intentions of doing. I managed to sneak around successfully for a few weeks until the day I was riding in his truck and she passed us going down the road *oops* He tought me lot that year, andwhen I went off to college I had an older man, experience and dreams of being cool because of it. I was so very wrong! It lasted probably 4 months and then I came to my senses and realized I really should be dating men my own age...he had asked me to drop out of college and marry him, said I didn't need an education because he would be able to take care of me. Lesson learned, I moved on.


In the past few weeks I have become very active on Facebook. It stared when an old college friend sent me a message on I used his e-mail address to look him up on facebook and there he was smiling back at me holding a little boy with a second one beside him. He had married a classmate of mine, I thought it was neat to see his new pictures and his kids and reconnect after all these years. I looked at his friends list and there was another name I recognized, a guy I had wanted to date in college but never did, we were just really good friends. The 3 of us would hang out together a lot, watching movies, listening to music, taking road trips...the usual college stuff. I immediately sent a friends request. I've been chatting with them most nights, since I work from home I can actually chat with people while working and not get into trouble. I do my job of course, but between calls we've been catching up and getting to know one another all over again. We're all married, Rob doesn't have kids but Derek and I do. Dereks oldest is just about the same age as my son so we can relate a lot on the area of parenting. It's nice talking with old friends once again!


Speaking of facebook, I have also connected with long lost siblings and their children! On a whim I put my older sisters name into the search engine and it brought her her friends list was nieces and nephews galore! I have spent a lot of time remembering when my nieces and nephew were little and how cute they were. One of my nieces has a son who looks just like her! I got to see pictures of my brothers children....his son looks EXACTLY like him and his oldest daughter is like looking into a mirror for me. It's amazing what the internet can do!

And so here ends the very first Flashy Friday. I am looking forward to many more flashbacks to come!

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Tori said...

What a great idea! It's always good to remember the past and its fun to share stories from your life. Great blog! I found you through SITS :-)