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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What is it with little boys and being dirty???

Now I know somedays I get too busy to get in a shower and when I do that I feel all grubby and ick and want one the next day for sure. My son on the other hand would love it if he never had to shower..EVER! He fights me every single day when it comes to getting clean. He doesn't want to take baths anymore because apparently baths are for babies (I must be a baby because I do love a good hot bubble bath) yet he doesn't want to take a shower either. I try to give him a heads up...try to tell him he can play for another 1/2 hour but then he really needs a shower, but he gets all mad and grumpy and swears he doesn't need one (meanwhile his pits are smelling like something the cat dragged in and played with for a few days before stuffing it in a corner for safe keeping) I have been kind enough to let him go a day without a shower, but he really can't go anymore than that. The adderral makes him sweat more than average and therefore he smells more than average. He's only 8 1/2 but he does show signs of the beginnings of puberty ( the peach fuzz growing in certian places, the smelly pits and the rapid growth of his hands and feet) and the pediatrician told me that it's actually normal for it to start at this age (average onset of puberty apparently is between 9 and 13 years old) So what is a mom to do???? Hubby just laughs and says boys like to be dirty but seriously..WHY? What's up with that? Is this why boys have cooties at this age? Perhaps boys should realize they wouldn't have cooties if they would take a shower more often eh??


Kari Jenkins said...

Oh my that is funny! My son is only 3 and is the same way about having his hair washed. I will let it go as long as I can before I cant stand it any longer. They get to the point they all start smelling like dirty puppies!
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Jeannie said...

It is funny how kids fight taking baths but end up loving them.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Ocean Wonders. I so getting that picture framed.

Jeannie @ The Advetures of Mr. Busypants.

Sweet Mama Jones said...

LOL! Too funny!!! When we crossed the country, my youngest managed to find a mud hole in the Mojave desert and STOMP in it. Mud to his knee's and his only other available shoes for the trip was a pair of Ugg boots. BOYS!!!!