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Friday, May 29, 2009

Flashy Friday

Ok, ok I know I forgot last Friday....SO SUE ME lol
We used to say that as kids all the time, "so sue me" perhaps that's what set the world on the path it seems to be on now where everyone seems to have a reason to sue someone. An old lady puts a hot cup of coffee in her lap, takes the cover off and drives away....who knew she might actually burn herself??? What amazes me most is she won all that money for being STUPID! Yes, I said it, she was sue me lady! Seriously we spend our days and nights trying to teach our children COMMON SENSE......where was her mother and why didn't she teach her that you don't put a hot cup of coffee between your legs with no cover on it while driving??
And speaking of common sense....what was that Boston trolley worker thinking as he tried to drive a trolley and text his girlfriend at the same time??? What the heck was he thinking? SERIOUSLY how do these people even survive to adulthood?? Didn't thier mothers teach them anything?? You can't text and drive at the same time...plain and simple! Now any bus or trolley driver in the city will lose their job if they are cought with a cell phone while on duty....glad my husband doesn't work for the MBTA cause I wouldn't be able to get in touch with him if anything happened to us while he was on duty...all because one idiot decided to text his girlfriend while driving a trolley! I seriously hope she dumped him because if anything screams out "too dumb to reproduce" that incident really ought to do it!
So yesterday I received my Meme Award from Sweet Mama Jones....I'm still glowing. She likes me, she really likes me. On her blog she said I was a breath of fresh air...WOW no one has ever said that about me...WAY KEWL Mama Jones! Of course people might be wondering why this is so kewl to me, I mean really, it's just a little award, but to me, it's big.
I started this blog to vent and talk about my boy. In all honesty it was more of a form of therepy, not a blog I expected people to actually read. I figured some far away friends and family might read it, but not anyone else. I did put my link on a couple of mommy blog lists and figured maybe one or two people might come by and read then move onward, I didn't expect them to come back for pressure, just a way to put thoughts into words and keep family and friends up to date on our little world. I figured I could put my struggles with Orions ADHD into words so I don't vent them at him and maybe make another mother out there feel like she wasn't alone if she happened to read it, besides IRL (that's In Real Life for anyone who might not know) I'm not a social butterfly! I hate socializing, people can be so mean and cruel, they don't like people who are shy and ackward around others and they just love to make you feel uncomfortable when you are in their least that's always been my experience. Blogs are safe, no one can see my discomfort, I can rattle off my thoughts and at the end of the day I feel better and no one has laughed in my face...ok so you may all be sitting there laughing, maybe even preparing an e-mail to all your friends saying "come look at this crazy lady's blog", but I can't see it and I can't hear your laughter so go ahead, it's ok, I don't mind being a little crazy in your eyes lol Besides, I think I might actually enjoy the traffic ;)
Just one more thought for the day
Recently on Facebook I found an old friend...not that she's old (she's the same age as me so how could she possibly be old, that would make me old right? can't let that happen...NO WAY) Anyway, her name is Robine and we were best friends in 1st grade! Yep, 1st grade, I've known her that long! We pulled some good pranks back in our elementary years until I was put into foster care at the end of my 5th grade year and was put in a different school for 6th grade. By the time we got to Jr. High in 7th grade I felt rather wierd around the kids from my youth....afterall they were all right there when the nice social worker and police officer came to take me away on the next to last day of school and I didn't get to go back for my last day of school or say any real good-byes. They all knew my dirty laundry, they knew I was the kid who was taken away to foster care (in the back of a police car mind you) and didn't come back. I felt wierd now, because they all knew my dirty little secret that I had lied about for all those years. They didn't know the details, but I was sure they had talked about me when I wasn't there and I was sure they all knew now that I had lied about the bruises and where they really came from. I felt like the giant zit in the middle of their forehead on prom night! Seriously, it sucked! My friendship with Robine was there, but we had an unspoken agreement and I always felt there was a tension there after that, I hated it, but it was our reality.
20 years ago we graduated high school, we said out good-byes and went our separate ways. I always remembered my best friend from elementary school and the funny things we did..then by chance I happened upon someone we had in common, another classmate who apparently didn't get married so her last name is still the same...or maybe she is one of those unfortunate souls who married and ended up divorced and went back to her name...I'm not sure as she hasn't accepted my friend request yet. Anyway, I saw Robine listed under her friend list, she had a different last name now but her profile picture told me exactly who she was. I'll never forget her face and honestly, she doesn't look like she has aged much at all, she looks amazing for a girl who graduated high school 20 years ago! I sent out a friend request and she accepted. We managed to chat online for the first time in 20 years last week, it was great to talk to her once again! Her oldest boy is a month younger than my boy....we actually spent the same summer pregnant with our babies, long lost best friends united in a very unique way without ever knowing it. I think it's pretty neat! I can't wait to see her online again so I can talk to her more, get to know her once again, reunite with my oldest friend...the thought warms my heart!
And so ends another Flashy Friday! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend :)

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