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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day...who's your hero??

Memorial day is a day to remember the heroes of our country, the ones who have fought in wars and lost their lives for the sake of our freedom and the ones who have fought and survived. We remember the ones who are currently out there fighting in a war that the majority of us have no clue why it's still going on and we are thankful that they are willing to lay down their lives, put their own safety at risk so that we can have a peaceful nights sleep.

BUT are the only heroes the people who have fought in wars? Are hereos the police and firefighters and ambulance workers? Are our doctors heroes? What truly makes a hero?? In my opinion, a hero is someone we can look up to, someone who has made an impression on our lives. A hero is someone who made a major impact on your tell me, who's your hero??

I have had the opportunity in my 38 years to meet a few people whom I believe are worthy of the title "HERO"

First and foremost, my big brother Hank! He was my first hero, the first persom to make an impression on me, the first person I could honestly say I looked up to and admired! I stood in awe of him and to this day he holds the highest honor in my heart. He was the lodestone of our house growing up, the level head, the one who I felt could make everything ok. Yes he tossed my dolls off the front porch in the rain and made me cry, but he was my big brother! He could keep the mean boys away, he could chase away the nightmares, he was the safety when mother was on a rampage. He became a Marine, the strongest of soldiers...he looked even more awesome in a uniform and even I turned my head to look as he walked by. My big this day I believe him capable of anything!

Second, my social worker Karen Wheatley. Karen took us away from teh abuse and put us into foster care. She found homes for me and my siblings, she took care of me for 7 years until I graduated high school. She made sure I was ok, she helped me get into the college of my choice and helped me get a scholarship so I could go there. She checked in on me after I went off to college and I am sure she didn't have to. She made a major change in my life, made a huge impact by saving me from the nightmare that was my life.

Third is my son. He's only 8 but he's my little hero. He has to battle ADHD every single day of his life, he faces challenges on a daily basis, he faces them and overcomes them. He has had a rough go of it socially, but maintains the optimism that he has friends and that true friends are more important than lots of friends. He teaches me to smile when I don't feel like it and find the happiness in the gloom.

So....those are a few of my heroes...who's yours??

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