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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

YEAH it's once again my favorite time of year...........

No, not's Adult/Youth Bowling league time! OK so we do it in the summer lol but it would be my favorite time of year regardless of the season!

It started 2 years ago when Orion and I signed up for our first Adult/Youth bowling league. Look how little he was then....Orion was just starting to bowl 1 handed and he wanted some practice so that when he got to his regular kids league he would be pretty good at it. See when you're a mini-mite you can bowl 2 handed, but once you become a Junior you have to bowl 1 handed. That year was going to be his last year as a mini-mite so he wanted to be able to bowl the entire season 1 handed and not struggle and since you have to bowl 1 handed in the Adult/Youth league I thought it would be good practice and a nice bonding experience for us as well.

That year we named our team Double Trouble and we were the 1st place team at the end of the summer.

Last year we bowled together again with the same team name, Orion found some socks that said Double Trouble on them...they were actually Spiderman socks from that movie where spiderman gets the alter ego and that black thing attaches to him (can you tell I don't really follow Spiderman movies lol) Anyway Orion bought them and wore them every bowling night. It was a lot of fun and every Wednesday night all summer long was just us having fun together!

Tonight was our first night for this summer league. Orion and I had a great time and we both bowled really well! It was really fun to be back on his team bowling with him and not being the coach...I don't mind being the coach, but I like being his teammate more I think :) And yes...incase you were wondering, he wore his Double Trouble socks. We also received t-shirts at the end of the season last year that had the name of the place we bowl on the front of them, we're going to take them and have our team name put on the back so that we will have team shirts to wear every Wednesday night.

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Yo, Double Trouble! Come on over to my blog and pick up the award I am giving you!!!!