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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My life as a work at home mom a.k.a WAHM

A lot of people think that's just a funny title I give myself because being a mom in general is hard work, but in my case that's not the whole story. Yes, being a mom is a full-time job, the best job in fact! I LOVE that job more than any job I have ever had in my lifetime and I can't imagine anything better, however I actually do have a job I do here at home that makes a little money to help make ends meet.

I am a Virtual Call Center worker. I sit down here at my computer and log into the virtual call center where I can chat with fellow agents and get questions about the products answered. When I log into the virtual call center my phone here at my house is then connected to their call router and the calls are forwarded to me here at home. When a call is routed to me a script will pop on my computer screen and my phone will ring, I simply answer the phone and read what's in front of my face. I fill in the blanks for the orders and voila, customer gets what they saw on the TV commercial or heard on the radio and I get paid. I'm paid by the talk time minute, not by the number of hours I sit here, so on slow or short nights I might make $15 or $20 but on a really busy night I can make $50 or $60. I also get bonus' for selling additional products like a magazine trial or a club trial. Some of the products give me a bonus just for making the sale....we do have some products that are difficult to sell so they reward us for doing that. I make my own schedule and shifts are available 24/7/365. Every Thursday morning the schedule for the following week will roll out and I grab what I want according to what my plans are for the if my son has a day off of school I plan either a short night or no work at all. I can change my schedule as I see fit, I can drop a commit within 1/2 hour of the start of that commit and can work uncommitted if I want to. Of course calls go to the committed agents first so it's best to be committed.

Bottom line, I'm not just giving myself a title to have one, I really am a Work At Home Mom :)

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Mammatalk said...

What a great way to make some extra cash!