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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Regardless of my efforts, I'm still a helpless female afterall

Yep, I tried not to be, honest I did. I was doing pretty darn good too...until the end!

See we had a lot of snow last night, about 8 to 10 inches and I have a good sized driveway that I do not like to shovel. Since the kennel is closed for the weekend (because of the new years holiday) we could not go snowboarding as a family and hubby went up with the guys.

Orion let me sleep in and relax until around 10am! But then I had to make him breakfast and head out to clear the driveway. I started up that snowblower with ease and powered through the snow, I was doing great. I got the entire driveway cleared, moved my car and snowblowed around where my car had been. Then it was time to put my car back into its regular spot.

This was the tricky part...see hubby just got a new (well new to us that is) car and he took the keys with him so I couldn't move it. I had to work my car around his, in the snow, without hitting it. BTW...our driveway has a hill so it's not as easy as it sounds! As I back up the car gravity takes over on ice and the car starts to slide. I turned the steering wheel so it wouldn't hit his new baby and instead I slid backwards into the snowbank. I tried to go forward, but on the hill with crap for tires (hubby is replacing those tomorrow) it just wasn't working. So I came inside and had Orion come out to help me...I had him hit the gas while I tried to push. He managed to get it to inch forward so I had him reverse and then go forward again, did that a few times but it wasn't working. So I came inside and grabbed some kitty litter...great idea except we use clumping litter and it's just not the same apparently. Either that or I just don't have enough in my back to push that damn car up a hill! Next door neighbor finishes up snowblowing his driveway, sees me struggling with the car (and yes, in case you're wondering, I was close to tears by now) and he came to my rescue. I searched the garage for an old piece of wood to put under the tire that was in the snowbank and as Orion hit the gas he helped me push the car up the hill!

Leave it to me to be the helpless female who has to have a man come and rescue her.

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SMJ said...

Holy cow! Thank goodness for good neighbors!