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Monday, January 25, 2010

One week later

So, here we are one week later, one week since the break-in. Our house is now fort knox and no one is getting in without a fight!

Downstairs in the basement where they entered hubby has set up what we like to refer to as "the red-neck security system". In other words, he took a giant piece of pressure treated 2X6 and barred it across the door! It doesn't budge one bit now and seriously I think they would probably break themselves before they would break down the door!

In the main section of the house (and yes even downstairs where they entered) we have installed the home security system that beeps anytime anyone opens the door and wakes the dead if the correct passcode isn't put in within 30 seconds of entering one door, immediately upon entering either of the others.

Ironically my hubby has jury duty today...poor guy! He's a bit bitter about criminals these days so my guess is he'll get let go of pretty least I hope so.


Other news this brother-in-law got some kind of skin infection on his face which now needs to be removed. I haven't seen him, only heard about it from my father-in-law while we were visiting my mother-in-law in the hospital! Apparently her appendix ruptured and hers is shaped funny so that it wraps around another body part in there and they didn't see on the scan that it had ruptured. Now she has a major ecoli infection and a couple other complications and she'll be stuck in the hospital for probably a week or so. We did take Orion snowboarding on Saturday, he had a half-day lesson in the morning and then for the afternoon we took him out riding and I gave him a couple of lessons myself. He says he prefers my lessons over the regular instructors and is now requesting that he no longer take lessons from them but instead only get lessons from me. I'm actually ok with that, now that he's learned the basics I can get him to progress by giving him challenges and making it more fun and less like learning.

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SMJ said...

Too bad you can't put a little recorder on the door where the 2x6 is that says "neener neener" when pushed on, lol!
So if the kids wants to learn from mama, then mama must have some mad snowboard skills???? Do tell lady!