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Monday, January 11, 2010

Feeling it today.....

Went snowboarding yesterday for the first time this season and boy is my body telling me how out of shape I truly am! I don't think I have a single muscle in my body that doesn't hurt right now...but it's a good hurt and although it totally killed my bowling for the day I feel great! It was nice to get out on the mountain and ride!

We had Orion take a lesson since it is only his second season of riding and he needs some refreshing on the basics. I was concerned that he might fuss a lot or complain that they didn't take him up to the top of the mountain, but when we picked him up he ran out of his lesson with the biggest smile I have seen in YEARS!!! I'm serious! It was so heartwarming to see that smile! He was so happy, he fell down only once and that was because he was heading toward some skiers who stopped right in the middle of the trail and he doesn't go fast enough to maneuver around people quickly, so instead of crashing into them he opted to take a sit down. His instructor said he did awesome, he was connecting his turns and that by the end of next lesson he will be going to the top. She said he's a little hesitant, almost afraid, of his toe-edge, but he's getting it and that's the biggest thing. With a couple more lessons he should be up there riding with mom and dad all day long!! I can't wait for that day to come for a couple of, it'll be great to ride with my boy and two it'll be nice to save the 50 bucks on lessons!

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