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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good-bye 2009, Welcome 2010

So here we are, another year gone behind us. Honestly I can't even believe it! Seems to me that it was just yesterday when I decided I needed to take a pregnancy test. I knew I was pregnant, I could feel it in my very deepest feelings. I simply knew I was pregnant. I was a week away from when AF was due to arrive, but I just knew I was pregnant.

I can remember it like it was yesterday anyway...when I think about it I can still feel it, the excitement as I went to the store and bought the test. I knew it wasn't going to be a waste of money, I knew I would have the 2 lines to show my husband. I had that smile that goes from ear to ear and I could have easily been described as "glowing"! It took me forever to figure out which test to buy, so many different tests and all of them claiming to be able to tell you before any of the others could. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Someone has to be the fastest at showing results! I mean seriously people, that should be against the law.....confusing a potentially pregnant woman, making her life more difficult than it already is? This is probably the most important test she'll ever take and you want to make it hard on her deciding which test to take?? HOW CRUEL!!

ANYWAY, I'm guessing you can feel my anxiety and excitement...and if you can't you've never WANTED to be pregnant! I had wanted to get pregnant for years, hubby wasn't ready, hubby was way behind me in that department. He had only a month before decided that yes, we could go ahead and stop the pills and let mother nature take her course. He just didn't think it would happen quite so fast. I think he thought he had a few months to get used to the idea since I had been taking the pills for so long....POOR GUY! He did not know the power of my womanhood, my desire to be a mother! I had the go ahead and my body was listening to the call!

It's amazing to me today, as we enter 2010, that all this was 10 years ago!!! January 2, 2000 I passed the most important test of my life! I was indeed pregnant! Hubby made me take the test again later on just to prove beyond all doubt that I was pregnant, but nothing will ever compare to watching those 2 lines appear on that little white stick! It was instant, not some slow progress thing. It screamed out at me..."YES! YOU ARE PREGNANT!"

Oh joy of joys....little did I know how fast life would change, it's a welcomed change, but it's still a huge change from the life I knew back then. The past 10 years I have watched my son go from tiny belly bean using ultrasound to a big boy with a mind of his own. In the next 10 I get to watch him grow from boy to welcome 2010, I'm looking forward to all the thrills your decade will bring me.

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SMJ said...

this brought tears to my eyes...especially the part about watching your son go from boy to man in the coming decade. that rings true for me with my little man too and i had never thought of it that way.