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Monday, January 18, 2010

Never say it'll never happen to me

because it will!

See I thought we lived in a nice cafe neighborhood, we have lived here for almost 13 years with no issues (well there was that time some kid ran behind our shed when they saw a cop coming, dropped their cigarrette and lit our shed on fire but I don't think that counts) ANYWAY I thought we were safe.

When Orion was born my hormones changed and I got a little spazzy when hubby would go snowboarding with the guys and I felt uncomfortable alone at night in the house so I asked for a dog. I figured I would never need him, but he gave me peace of mind so I asked and I received....besides every boy needs a dog!

Today I learned that even the safest of neighborhoods can have break-ins, even the safest of neighborhoods can feel unsafe for awhile. Today my house was broken into and thanks to my wonderful big black lab they didn't dare enter the side of the house where we keep everything, where we live, where all the valuables are. Last week I was ready to get rid of that headache of a dog, today I am thankful he's still here!

See they came around from the front, they entered through the mudroom door that leads into the unfinished side of the basement. Usually that door is locked, but last night hubby staggered in through there after snowboarding and he apparently forgot to lock it and I didn't know because I was working. They ransacked my basement, which luckily didn't have a lot in it. There's the laundry stuff and my husbands collection of comic books in boxes, but nothing major in any way. They went into the garage where my hubby's tools are and I don't know if anything is missing from there but hubby will assess that after work. They also broke into our shed, but there's nothing in there but summer tools , gardening supplies etc. Nothing worth stealing in any shape or form. If my dog was not on the stairs that go from the basement up to the main part of the house I am sure they would of had a field day.

So now we don't know if we can feel safe going snowboarding as a family, that requires us to kennel the dog and he won't be here to protect the house. We don't know if we can go anywhere, heck today I was gone maybe 20 minutes, 1/2 hour at the most! But that good dog of mine, when I came home I tried to go downstairs to do laundry and he danced and pranced and barked at me. He blocked the stairs and told me not to go down. What a good doggie...he got extra treats for that!

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SMJ said...

Oh that would scare the crap outta me! I'm glad they didn't get into your living space or take your truly valued stuff...but still, I hope the bastards get caught!