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Friday, November 27, 2009

I did it....and I don't want to do it ever again!

Yep, for the first (and hopefully the last) time ever I went Black Friday shopping!

It started out with Toys "R" Us opening their doors at 12 midnight. I arrived at 11:00pm only to find a line of about 1000 people already standing there!! I waited and waited and waited the hour and was finally let into the place, they had blocked off the shortcut to the electronics section so I bee-lined my way around the store to it and there was already a line of about 500 standing there. There was an employee working redirecting people to the end of the electronics line and so I went to where I was told to be and waited. 1/2 hour later, I'm just about to the entrance of the electronics department and there (where I had originally been) was 3 teenage boys waiting to get in. The staff had left and no one knew there was an electronics line. Crazy pregnant lady in front of me and crazy little old lady behind me freaked out on the kids and I thought there was going to be a fist fight right there. A manager came over and then proceeded to say that since they didn't know there was a line they didn't have to wait behind all us...yeah not a good plan lady!!!! Chaos ensued, people freaked out and in the end I entered the electronics department with crazy pregnant lady and crazy little old lady and about 5 other people behind her all blocking the 3 boys....afterall we did as we were told by employees and we had been standing there now for almost an hour!! As I'm standing in the elctronics line I see someone I know about 5 people infront of me, her daughter and my son bowl down at the same bowling alley. She asks what I'm loking for, I explain it's the DSi Holiday bundle and wowwie luck of all lucks she actually has an extra coupon to purchase just that!! She gave it to me with a "see ya on Wednesday" SUCCESS!!!!! Got through the check-out line at the electronics department with 2 new DSi games, a new DSi carrying case and the holiday bundle with 5 pre-installed games! This was 1:30 in the morning now so yeah I stood in that craziness from 11pm till 1:30 am but I saved just about $150 bucks!

Do you think I was done???? Nah my biggest goal for the day was to get over to Best Buy where somewhere between 3am and 5am they were handing out tickets for a select few of which happened to be the 120gb PS3 with Ratchet and Clank and Little Big Planet games all for $299 bucks. Now I priced out the PS3 because my son has told me that if all I could afford this year was one thing to please please please get him PS3 with Little Big Planet....regularly the gaming system is $300 and the games are about $60 each so yeah I'm saving about $120 bucks getting this package! So shortly after 1:30 in the morning there I am in line at Best Buy waiting with around 300 people for the slight chance that I would get a ticket to purchase this package with games that my kid will enjoy (other places had the PS3 with some games but those were war games and I don't want my 9 year old playing a game where he has to murder, rape and pillage) Did I mention that by now it was pouring rain and there was no shelter??? Yeah, I had a waterproof coat on but it was windy and cold (temps around 35 degrees) and raining!! By 3am I was soaked to the skin praying they would come out (the ad said the tickets would be handed out anytime in the 2 hours prior to opening and that the store determined when based on size of line and weather) At 3:30 (line has about 700 people now) they came out to say the tickets would be out at 4am!! 4am rolls around, and lucky me...I got a ticket! Went back to my car, got warmed up and waited for 5am! 5 am, got my 1 item, got into check-out and was out of the store by 5:30am!

Then it was on to Target where I got him a few smaller items on his Christmas Wish List and I was home by 7:30 where I passed out for a few hours! Now I have to drive to my mother-in-laws house and pick up Orion because that's where he spent the night so that I could do all this crazy stuff without him!

Over-all impression of Black Friday.....yes I saved almost $400 total, BUT the crazy people out there are out of my league! I now understand why it's called BLACK Friday, it's not because they black ticket all the items and everything is sold at rock bottom prices.....I think it's more along the lines of doing that crazy stunt brings out the darkness in people and turns them all evil!!!!! Next year I think I'll go back to sitting at my computer in my jammies waiting for midnight to strike so that I can get some online deals...maybe spend a little more money but I'm warm, I'm dry and above all the only crazy people I have to deal with are me and my hubby!

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Sweet Mama Jones said...

YOU are a brave brave soul. I have never attempted Black Friday. I get easily irritated by crazy people and would be tempted to use a shopping cart as a weapon. LOL!

Glad you saved a ton of money tho!!!