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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Verizon...yet again

Previously I have had to call you every single month to have charges removed from my account. After 6 or so months you finally got your computers to understand that I did not want to pay extra money every month for the web space. Yet again, here I sit trying to get you to remove charges!
See last month I decided to switch my internet and phone service from you to my trusty cable company because you do not offer cable service here in my town and you were not willing to work with me on the charges. You were planning on raising my bill about $25.00 a month and the triple play service through my cable company is way cheaper. So I called you, I told you I was switching companies and would no longer be using your internet or phone service. This morning I go to look at my account to see what I would owe you, since I knew you would charge me for every single day and sure enough you're trying to charge me for an entire month of service and not just a weeks worth.
You people really need to work on your customer service skills, you need to work on your billing department and you really need to get yourselves into gear. Honestly, after my experience with you and the hassles of having to call you month after month to have charges removed is enough to make me never EVER concider verizon service again!
Sincerely, One very disgruntled EX-customer

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