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Friday, December 4, 2009

This is the thanks that I get...........

After standing in the pouring FREEZING rain for hours on end waiting to save hubby and me a small fortune I get a kid with the flu and strep throat AND my own dose of the same!

Yep that's where I've been all week long....sick in bed with my sick boy! Friday, shortly after posting, my mother in law called to see if I was on my way yet? Of course I wasn't, afterall I wasn't supposed to get to her place until somewhere between 3 and 4 in the afternoon so I had plenty of time. Well she wasn't trying to be a nag or anything....nope my son was white as a ghost, wrapped up in a hoodie and numerous blankets shivering on her couch begging to go home! She gives her usual line of "I think he feels a little warm, but he's really not himself and maybe you could come pick him up early" so being the good mom that I am I skip lunch and rush right over.

When I arrive, I find him sleeping on her's 2:30 in the afternoon so I know he has to be sick...and when I kiss his forehead to wake him up I can feel the heat before I even touch his skin!!!! He was burning up! He could barely walk to the car and as soon as I got him settled into a seatbelt he curled up and went back to sleep. It was a quiet drive home. I got him home and he had a fever of nearly 104 so I tucked him in on the couch with remote controls and an x-box controller, got him some motrin and a cool wash cloth for his forehead. He slept practically all afternoon and into the night, I woke him up only to get him to sip some ginger ale and take some motrin or tylenol to get that fever down....and no matter how hard I tried it tried back and I couldn't get it below 102!

Saturday morning I call the peds office to get him seen.....they tell me he has the flu and not to bring him in. I explain that there have only been 2 other times in this childs life that he spiked a fever like this and both times he had strep throat and I wanted a culture done. They made me an appointment with the lab and told me not to come to the doctors office because they were sure this was the flu. They did a rapid flu and a rapid strep test...I told them to make sure they let that strep test grow overnight because I knew it was not going to come out positive until the morning. Rapid tests never come out positive for me and they have never come out positive for him. I was right of course...his rapid flu test came back positive but the strep was negative. The next morning they were calling me first thing to tell me what I already knew...he had Strep throat along with the flu and needed antibiotics. So this is now 3 times in my 9 year olds life that he has had strep...not a bad record!

In the meantime I could tell I too was coming down with it...body aches, sore throat, cough, fever etc. First thing Monday I have to call my doctor and get an appointment to get seen so I can get a strep test too. I go in there with a sick kid (hubby had to work so no choices there) and gee...big surprise the rapid strep test came back negative. The doctor of course is smart....she looks at my history and says it would be useless to grow this overnight and why should I wait another 24 hours to get on antibiotics and she gives me my very own antibiotic prescription right there. No time wasted...I go home with my bottle of pills and 103 fever and sick kiddo. We have fought the good fight, he is FINALLY back in school and I am somewhat feeling almost normal. My body aches quite a bit still, my fever is down though and I feel human enough to go out and do my food shopping!

Sadly the sickness made it so that we could not get our Christmas tree the Friday after Thanksgiving as is my tradition (I'm blaming hubby knowing he HATES the tree going up so early AND he's the only one in the house who didn't get sick....perhaps he planted the germs on purpose???) so this afternoon Orion and I are going out and getting our tree. We do not do fake trees in this house, I will not allow it! To have a fake tree would be a sin in my eyes and so today we will go out and pick out our tree, we will set it up and we will decorate and make this a festive home!

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