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Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a wonderful Christmas it was..........

Orion had the hardest time falling asleep Christmas Eve, he took 2 benedryl (that he asked for) and finally fell asleep around 10:30 or so. He slept until just past 5:30 in the morning, then quietly crept out to see if Santa had managed to bring him anything. What he found made his jaw drop and his eyes go all aglow! He had a stocking so stuffed it was about to burst, and 10 new presents that weren't there before, all wrapped in brand new, definately not bought by mom, wrapping paper!

Of course this brought him running (not so quietly) back to our room to drag dad out of bed! With happy laughter and smiles he opened everything from the big guy first...what a generous guy he really is! Indeed he must have taken to heart the note that was left with his cookies that read:

"Dear Santa,

Please feed the carrots to the reindeer the cookies are for you.

p.s. I tried to be good this year.



Funny how he can spell "reindeer" but messed up on "Sincirly" I love how kids write :)

Of course after opening up the big guys presents, he headed for the ones from Mom and Dad. First one he picks up we THOUGHT was the helicopter we had bought...but alas it was the extra PS3 controller lol You should have seen his face, it was awesome! He looks at this controller and goes ballistic...."I got the PS3, you bought me the PS3!" Over and over again, he was estatic! So we let him open that one next lol

The best part of the day was how I had wrapped all the extra goodies to go with the new Nintendo DSi separately and let him open those as he's opening them he's giving me a hard time because I bought the wrong car charger, the wrong size carrying case etc. He was telling me how I had better of saved the receipts so I could go back and get the stuff for DS lite instead...then I handed him the package that had the DSi inside...he was speachless! He hadn't even asked for it, but I knew he wanted it so I got it :)

The second best part was his face when we got over to my in-laws and Orion was told by his 2 uncles that they had something for him in the living room that was too big to wrap. They walked him in and had him pull the blanket off to reveal an electric dirt bike! Again, my son stood there speachless! TWICE IN ONE DAY!!! Of course he didn't get to use it because we did indeed have the white christmas I've been dreaming of for ever so long ....complete with a fresh dusting Christmas Eve ! It was truly a really good day!

Today Orion is hanging out in the living room playing with his new PS3 (can't get him to put down the controller) and he's enjoying his vacation away from school and stress. I even let him go without his meds today...which drives me a little bonkers but it's worth it when I see that happy smiling (albeit wild) child of mine!

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Sweet Mama Jones said...

Gotta love the excitement of those who wait for Santa! I wish it would last forever!